"Hong Kong 2006 Population By-census Thematic Report : Older Persons" published

       "Hong Kong 2006 Population By-census Thematic Report : Older Persons", compiled based on the results of the 2006 Population By-census, is published today (February 26).

       The thematic report provides a comprehensive range of statistics on older persons aged 65 and over in Hong Kong. It goes into some length in analysing the characteristics of older persons: demographic characteristics, education, labour force, living arrangement and household characteristics, and geographical distribution. Comparisons are also made with relevant results of the past population censuses/by-censuses.

       Users can download this publication free of charge at the website of the C&SD (www.censtatd.gov.hk/products_and_services/products/publications/index.jsp).

       The print version of this publication will be available for sale at HK$88 per copy on March 19, 2008. Purchase can be done in person at the Publications Unit of the C&SD (Address: 19/F Wanchai Tower, 12 Harbour Road, Wan Chai; Tel: 2582 3025) or through mail order by returning a completed order form which can be downloaded from the C&SD's website (www.censtatd.gov.hk/products_and_services/other_services/provision_of_stat/mail_ordering_of_publications/index.jsp).  Print version of this publication is also available for sale online at the Government Bookstore of the Information Services Department (www.bookstore.gov.hk).

       A vast amount of information has been collected in the 2006 Population By-census. Results of the By-census are available in a number of publications that have been released, including Summary Results; Basic Tables for District Council Districts, Constituency Areas and Tertiary Planning Units; Graphic Guide; Main Reports; and Main Tables. Besides, there are seven thematic reports covering different topics on household income distribution; women and men; persons from the Mainland having resided in Hong Kong for less than 7 years; ethnic minorities; youths; older persons; and single parents. The last thematic report on single parents will be published soon.

End/Tuesday, February 26, 2008