The Online Interactive Data Dissemination System for the 2006 Population By-census launched

       The Online Interactive Data Dissemination System (IDDS) for the 2006 Population By-census (06BC) is launched by the Census & Statistics Department (C&SD) today (August 4) for use by the public free of charge.

       The IDDS can be accessed through C&SD's website at or direct at

       The 06BC was conducted by the C&SD during July to August 2006. The results of 06BC have already been disseminated in various ways like statistical tables and thematic reports, all available free of charge from C&SD's website. To meet the growing demand for wider scope and greater interactivity of official statistics at more detailed level to be made available on the Internet, the IDDS is developed based on the results of 06BC.

       The IDDS enables data users to build statistical tables to their own specific requirements through a simple and user friendly step-by-step process. Compared to the more traditional method of selecting and viewing from a list of static statistical tables used in the past Population Censuses/By-censuses, the IDDS allows data users to specify directly statistical variables to build their own tables interactively in a few simple steps.

       Users can also perform additional analyses on the statistical tables built using the functions provided by the IDDS or download the tables in different file formats for further analyses. Besides offering a tabular view of the data, the IDDS also provides integrated data visualization tools such as charting and thematic map presentation.

       Enquiries about the IDDS can be directed to the Demographic Statistics Section of C&SD (Telephone: 2716 8345 or email: [email protected]).

End/ Monday, August 4, 2008